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  • Model: S2-26
  • Manufactured by: House Of Kolor


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Shimrin2¨ is the 2nd generation of the proven Shimrin¨ Basecoat technology introduced in 1982. Shimrin2¨ is the next generation of ground-breaking universal basecoats from House of Kolor. Through new innovative polymer chemistry we are able to meet and exceed waterborne with a solvent based system designed for Kustom Painting. S2-25 Jet Black and S2-26 Bright White are Shimrin2¨ universal basecoats that may cleared for a final finish, or used as a foundation for Shimrin2¨ standard basecoats including Kandy Basecoats, and your own Kustom Kreations. The Jetest black and the brightest white are a must-have on every painters bench.
Shimrin2¨ remains a solvent base system yet meets all VOC rules coast to coast including California.
¥ In Custom Painting, Sealers are not an option, they are a must. They have 3 functions:
They greatly improve adhesion between the substrate and the base coat.
They make the vehicle one color thereby reducing the number of coats of base, saving you money.
3) They greatly improve color hold out and finish quality.
¥ KD3000 Series DTS Foundation Surfacer Sealers
¥ KS, KD, KP Series Primers and Sealers
¥ All House of Kolor Shimrin¨ Universal Bases
¥ Properly cured and prepared OEM finishes
Please be aware that Shimrin¨ / Shimrin2¨ bases, KandyÕs and Klears can be susceptible to staining or bleeding from polyester body fillers, putties, fiberglass resins and some primers. To prevent staining, Please refer to the tech pages on KD3000 Series or KP Series Primers. It is important to maintain at least a 2 dry mil film thickness of KD3000 Series DTS Foundation Surfacer Sealer or, KP series over all fillers and putties.
For all substrates
¥ Dry Sanding: FIPA grade = 280P to 320P grit (CAMI grade = 240 to 280 grit)
¥ Wet Sanding: FIPA grade = 600P to 800P grit (CAMI grade = 400 to 500 grit)
NOTE: Typically sealers do not need to be sanded. Do not seal until you are ready to apply the paint. This is where your chemical bond begins.
¥ S2-25 Jet Black or S2-26 Bright White Shimrin2¨
¥ RU310 Ð Fast Reducer 65¡F to 75¡F
¥ RU311 Ð Medium Reducer 75¡F to 85¡F
¥ RU312 Ð Slow Reducer 85¡F to 95¡F
¥ RU313 Ð Very Slow Reducer 95¡F to 100+¡F
¥ RU300 - LV Cool Weather Reducer 70¡F to 85¡F
¥ RU301 - LV Warm Weather Reducer 85 to 100+¡F
¥ Optional: S2 FX Effect Pacs
National Rule Solid Color 2:1 by volume
¥ 2 parts Shimrin2¨ Solid Basecoat (S2-25 or S2-26)
¥ 1 part RU Reducer (RU310, RU311, RU312, or RU313)
California Rule 2:1 by volume
¥ 2 parts Shimrin2¨ Solid Basecoat (S2-25 or S2-26)
¥ 1 part RU Exempt Reducer (RU301 or RU302)
Optional - Mixing S2 Fx Effect Pacs with solid bases - 3:1:2 by volume
¥ 3 parts Shimrin2¨ Solid Basecoat (S2-25 or S2-26)
¥ 1 part S2-FX Effect Pac
¥ 2 parts RU Exempt Reducer (RU300 or RU301) or standard RU Reducers (RU310 - RU313)
NOTE: Airbrush Application - reduce to desired strength (for all mixing ratios)
¥ HVLP Gun = 10 PSI at the cap (Refer to spray gun manufacturerÕs recommendations)
¥ Needle/Nozzle = 1.3 to 1.5 (Depending on the size of object being painted)
¥ Trigger Pull = 50% to 75%
Apply 2 to 3 medium coats of Shimrin2¨ (S2-25 or S2-26) with a 50% pattern overlap. Allow each coat to flash dull (Typically 5 to 15 minutes) between coats. If you intend to do artwork over the Jet Black or Bright White, we suggest you allow the base to flash 30 minutes then apply 2 coats of S2-SG100 Intercoat (see tech sheet on S2-SG100) to protect against tape tracking, etc.

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